Prices of treatments: from PLN 800 Time of consultation: approx. 30 minutes

Implantoprosthetic treatment is used in patients with missing teeth. Implant fixtures are a perfect solution for people who have lost their teeth. An implant fixture is a special structure replacing the root of a tooth. It creates a foundation on which, after integration with the bone, reconstruction of the missing tooth is possible – thanks to the use of crowns, bridges or dentures.

The treatment includes detailed diagnostics with the use of conical beam tomography by one of the most modern devices available - Gendex GXDP-800. The 3D image obtained enables precise analysis and the planning of the dental procedure in great detail.

Implant treatment is a long-term investment in both health and a beautiful smile. Although initial costs seem to be higher in comparison with.other restoration methods, they are quickly recuperated, as implant fixtures are much easier to maintain, providing stability for many years.


The scope of implant treatment
at Scandinavian Clinic includes:
  • implant fixture,
  • augmentation of the alveolar process,
  • crown on the implant fixture,
  • transplantation of palate connective tissue,
  • open sinus lift procedure – elevation of the sinus floor using the open method,
  • closed sinus lift procedure – elevation of the sinus floor using the closed method.

Duration of the procedure:

Implant treatment consists of several steps and can last up to several months. Each time it is preceded by an implantological consultation with a doctor of a particular specialism. The purpose of the consultation is to obtain information about the general health condition of the patient, medications taken, past and present diseases and to exclude any possible contraindications to the implantation procedure.

The course of the procedure:

After the consultation and preliminary examination, the implantologist begins planning the procedure. In order to start the treatment, a radiological examination in the form of computed tomography is necessary. If the conditions allow for the procedure, the implantologist selects the optimal length and diameter of the implant, and also determines the number and placement of implants in the patient's oral cavity.
The next step is the implant placement. The procedure is completely painless, performed under local anaesthesia. The implant is left in the bone for a period of 3-6 months, in order for it to make a bond with the bone in the so-called osteointegration.
After a predetermined period of time, the implant is exposed, and the healing screw is inserted. When the gum heals, the dentist begins the final prosthetic work.

Price list
Implant consultation (to be deducted in case of implantation)
100 PLN
Atraumatic tooth extraction
500 - 800 PLN
Atraumatic implant removal
1000 - 1500 PLN
Process augmentation with own bone
1500-2500 PLN
2500 PLN
Healing – healing screw with suturing and anaesthesia
300 PLN
Implant based crown – metal structure, ceramic veneer
2500 PLN
Implant based crown – zirconia structure
3500 PLN
Transplantation of connective tissue from the palate
800 - 1000 PLN
Open sinus lift procedure with biomaterial, membrane, suturing
3000 - 4000 PLN
Closed sinus lift procedure with biomaterial, membrane, suturing
1500 - 2000 PLN
Preparation of the structure – individual zirconia structure
1500 PLN
Preparation of individual structure (incl. cost of the implant-based crown)
500 PLN
Preparation of zirconia structure (incl. cost of the implant-based crown)
1000 PLN

Missing teeth is not only an aesthetic problem. The removal of a tooth affects the occlusion as the teeth tend to move towards the free space. Crooked and inclined teeth become overloaded, wear out faster and become more susceptible to dental caries and periodontal diseases. Problems with grinding food and gradual bone atrophy in the place after tooth extraction are the consequences of missing teeth. The process of atrophy is most intensive in the first year after the tooth loss (about 60%) and its intensity increases in the case of the lack of impulsation, i.e. pressure on the bones. Additionally, the risk of gastrointestinal diseases is increased. This is why missing teeth need to replaced as soon as possible.

After the procedure of implant grafting a patient should take particular care of the oral cavity hygiene. During the appointment, Scandinavian Clinic specialists will instruct you on how to take care of your implanted teeth and on the recommended frequency of check-up appointments.

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