Tooth whitening
Prices of treatments: from PLN 100 Time of consultation: approx. 30 minutes

Tooth whitening is an aesthetic dentistry procedure to brighten the colour of teeth.

At Scandinavian Clinic during the whitening procedure we use the overlay method, which is the safest and most effective method to improve the colour of teeth even by a few tones.

The range of tooth whitening
at Scandinavian Clinic:
  • tooth whitening with the overlay method.

The course of the procedure:

Before the procedure, the dentist determines the condition of teeth and gums. Before whitening, the teeth should be subjected to professional hygienist treatment, and all defects must be treated.

The dentist makes a plaster impression of the maxilla and mandible – on their basis the dental technician makes individually adjusted overlays. The patient is equipped with a specialist whitening gel of a certain concentration, which should be applied on the gel pads by the patient at home. The transparent and flexible overlay is fitted on the teeth according to the dentist's individual recommendations.

It should be remembered that crowns and fillings are not susceptible to whitening, so they may need to be replaced after the procedure.

Duration of the procedure:

The treatment usually lasts about a week and the whitening effect lasts for several years. The length of the whitening process depends to a large extent on the concentration of the whitening agent and the natural colour of the teeth.

Recommendations after the procedure:

Throughout the entire whitening procedure and about a week after its completion, it is recommended to follow the so-called white diet, i.e. to avoid eating products of intensive colour, which may discolour the teeth (beetroots, coffee, tea, juices - especially citrus juices). It is advisable to follow the white diet for the period of time recommended.

All information on how to proceed after the teeth whitening procedure is provided by our doctors during an appointment in the practice.

Price list
The price list is supplementary. The final cost of determination is possible from the use during control in treatment, based on the medical interview, clinical picture, radiological diagnosis, application and expectations, financial possibilities as well as lifestyle and use. The price list does not constitute an offer under the law.
Teeth whitening by overlay method – preparation and tray (dual arch)
950 PLN
Philips Zoom lamp teeth whitening (dual arch)
1750 PLN
A professionally performed teeth whitening procedure at the dental practice should not affect their condition.
Whitening of teeth is not painful. Following the procedure, the patient may experience sensitivity which will last approximately for a week.
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