Prices of treatments: from PLN 150 Time of consultation: approx. 30 min.

Periodontology includes the diagnostics and treatment of gums, periodontium and oral mucosa diseases.

Healthy gums adhere to the teeth and stabilise them in the sockets, protecting sensitive parts of the teeth against microorganisms and external factors causing pain. Improper oral hygiene, poor diet and genetic conditions can lead to inflammation resulting in gum bleeding, uncovered tooth necks, weakened bone structure, and even loosening and loss of teeth.

Healthy gums are the basis for a healthy smile and guarantee for the maintenance of crowns, bridges and implants. That's why at Scandinavian Clinic dental professionals not only treat your teeth, but also take equal care of your gums.

The scope of periodontal treatment
at Scandinavian Clinic includes:
  • periodontal consultation,
  • subgingival scaling,
  • supragingival scaling,
  • surgical – periodontal treatment

Stages of periodontal treatment:

Early stages of gum diseases are treated with conservative methods by cleaning the teeth of tartar and plaque. Scaling allows for the thorough removal of tartar deposits and dental plaque as well as polishing the surface of teeth. In more serious cases, we also recommend cleaning deep periodontal pockets and polishing the root surface, which enables the removal of bacteria, facilitates gum regeneration and improves teeth stability.

One of the most advanced techniques of periodontitis treatment is guided tissue regeneration. It consists of the reconstruction of structures supporting the teeth, bones and the reconstruction of soft tissues surrounding the tooth, which have been destroyed by periodontitis.

Frequency of the procedure:

Teeth and gums should be regularly checked by a dentist. We recommend follow-up appointments every 3 - 6 months. This frequency will allow for the early detection of lesions and the start of treatment.

Expected duration of periodontal consultation: approx. 30 minutes.

Recommendations after the procedure:

After the scaling procedure, the patient may feel a temporary hypersensitivity of the teeth. It is recommended to refrain from consuming drinks and food for one hour from the end of the procedure.

In the case of surgical procedures, discomfort and swelling of the operated area may be felt for several days. After the surgery, the patient should not consume hot drinks or food, smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. If antibiotics or painkillers were prescribed, the patient should take them as directed.

For a few days a soft food diet should be followed to avoid gum irritation.

Price list
Periodontal consultation
200 PLN
Periodontal consultation, periodontal examination + treatment plan
250 PLN
Subgingival scaling & rootplanning
550 PLN
Flap treatment (open curettage)
from 800 PLN
Plastic surgery of the lip/tongue frenulum
400 PLN
Surgical lengthening of the clinical crown
600 PLN
Surgical removal of the lesion on the mucous membrane + histopathological examination
500 PLN
250 PLN
Coverage of gingival recessions
from 2000 PLN (cost estimate individually agreed with the Patient)
Guided tissue regeneration
from 2500 PLN (cost estimate individually agreed with the Patient)
Gingival enlargement by FGG method
from 1000 PLN
Coverage of gingival recessions
from 1500 PLN (cost estimate individually agreed with the patient)
Guided tissue regeneration
od 2500 PLN (cost estimate individually agreed with the patient)

Most often, the problem begins with reddening of the gums and a little bleeding during brushing. It is usually the first symptom of gum inflammation. Other distressing symptoms include bad breath as well as visible plaque and tartar on the teeth. Further progress of the disease may lead to gum recession and revealing of teeth necks. The teeth become sensitive to cold and hot food and ultimately begin to wobble. These signs may indicate the development of periodontitis. One should remember that prophylactic procedures reducing the risk of periodontitis include scaling. If you smoke, remember that smoking covers the symptoms of gum disease. Nicotine limits the blood supply to the gums, so bleeding of the gums does not occur. Unfortunately, overlooking early symptoms of gum disease can lead to its development. People who smoke should then visit their dentist for dental check-up more often.

Supragingival scaling involves the removal of tartar formed on the surface of tooth crowns and subgingival scaling the removal of tartar deposits accumulated under the gums.
No, you are not. Brushing, flossing and rinsing of teeth are basic oral care activities which allow for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. Try changing your toothbrush or mouthwash. If the problem persists, come for a dental check-up at Scandinavian Clinic.
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