Prices of treatments: from PLN 100 Time of consultation: approx. 30 minutes

Dental prosthetics allows for the reconstruction of occlusal conditions after total or partial loss of natural teeth. Prosthetic restoration – depending on the doctor's recommendations or patient preferences, they can be fixed (crowns, bridges, veneers) or removable (acrylic restoration, skeletal denture). The first solution is recommended for patients who have not lost more than just a few teeth. Removable dentures are specifically for patients with total or partial lack of teeth.

The scope of prosthetic treatment
at Scandinavian Clinic includes:

• crown inlay inlay onlay composite overlay,
• crown inlay onlay onlay porcelain overlay,
• crown and root inlay reinforced with fibreglass for prosthetic reconstruction,
• temporary crown,
• porcelain crown on metal with all-ceramic grade,
• zirconia crown,
• total acrylic denture,
• skeletal denture,
• ceramic porcelain veneer,
• relaxing splint in bruxism,
• reconstruction of the tooth crown with a fibreglass pin.

The course of the procedure:

Before prosthetic treatment, the dentist conducts a thorough interview and examination, on the basis of which he or she assesses the condition of the patient's teeth. The dentist proposes a particular type of prosthetic restoration, taking into account the patient's needs and options of the treatment.

Recommendations after the procedure:

After a full denture, patients are advised to read aloud regularly, which allows for quicker adaptation and adjustment of the denture. If after the denture is fitted discomfort or pain occurs, such problems should be reported during the follow-up appointment.

Price list
Specialist prosthetic consultation
100 PLN
Composite bridge over onlays – indirect method
1480 PLN
Composite bridge direct method
800 PLN
Porcelain crown on metal with all-ceramic grade
850 PLN
Crown on a zirconia structure
1500 PLN
Telescopic crown
950 PLN
Fitting an inlay or crown made in another dental practice
100 PLN
Repair of a crown, bridge (one point) with composite material
100 PLN
Removal of the crown
100 PLN
Full acrylic prosthesis
850 PLN
Partial prosthesis single prosthesis 1 tooth 2 clasps
500 PLN
Skeletal prosthesis / splint prosthesis
1550 PLN
Nylon prosthesis
1950 PLN
Composite crown
600 PLN
All-ceramic emax crown
1500 PLN
Ceramic and porcelain veneer
1180 PLN
Vertex Thermosens complete prosthesis
1800 PLN
Preparation of wax-up for diagnostic models 1 point
60 PLN
Reinforcement of the prosthesis with fibreglass tapes
300 PLN
Diagnostics of functional disorders with the use of the facial arch
300 PLN
Relaxing splint with masticatory surface shaping/in bruxism
650 PLN
Soft protective splint after prosthetic reconstruction
250 PLN
Adaptation to the prosthesis requires some time. It may take from a few days to 2-3 weeks. It is worth being patient and not being discouraged by initial difficulties. In order to facilitate adaptation to a new situation you may take exercises improving the work of muscles or read aloud.
No, it is not. Correcting prostheses on your own may damage the restoration and lead to damage of oral cavity tissues.
The prosthesis should be replaced approximately every 5 years. Due to bone shrinkage under the plate of the prosthesis, over time it may become less stable.
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