Prices of treatments: from PLN 50 Time of consultation: approx. 30 min.

Dental surgery is offered to patients when methods of conservative, endodontic and prosthetic treatment are not possible or when the destruction of the tooth is so advanced that it cannot be reconstructed. In such a situation, the dentist proposes extraction, i.e. removal of the tooth from its socket.

The most common cause of tooth extraction is caries. There are also situations when the tooth extraction is necessary for orthodontic or prosthetic reasons.

The tooth extraction procedures at Scandinavian Clinic are painless and our patients are surrounded by professional and attentive care. Patients are offered local/regional or computer-controlled anaesthesia.

The scope of surgical treatment
at Scandinavian Clinic includes:
  • extraction of a milk tooth,
  • extraction of a permanent tooth,
  • surgical extraction of a tooth,
  • surgical extraction of an impacted tooth,
  • suturing of the wound,
  • treatment of maxillary sinus inflammations,
  • dental operculum/ frenulum excision,
  • resection of the tooth apex – removal of the root tip.

Duration of the procedure:

The duration of surgical procedures is determined individually during consultation with the dental professional.

The course of the procedure:

Before the extraction of a tooth and any surgical procedure a detailed interview with the patient is necessary. A radiographic image is also taken. The doctor explains to the patient the entire treatment plan, its individual stages and possible effects.

All surgical procedures at Scandinavian Clinic are carried out using an appropriate type of anaesthesia.

Recommendations after the procedure:

Full regeneration after surgery usually takes several days. Postoperative recommendations are discussed and consulted in detail with the doctor performing the procedure and are issued for each patient individually. The patient also receives them from the doctor in writing.

It should be remembered that extraction, i.e. tooth removal affects the occlusion. The teeth move towards the free space, while crooked and inclined teeth become overloaded, wear out faster and are more susceptible to caries and periodontal diseases. Problems with grinding food and gradual bone atrophy in the place after tooth extraction are consequences of missing teeth. The process of atrophy is most intensive in the first year after the tooth loss (about 60%). Therefore, the removed tooth should be replaced as soon as possible with an implant, bridge or prosthesis.

Price list
The price list is supplementary. The final cost of determination is possible from the use during control in treatment, based on the medical interview, clinical picture, radiological diagnosis, application and expectations, financial possibilities as well as lifestyle and use. The price list does not constitute an offer under the law.
Specialist surgical consultation
250 PLN
Orthodontic skeletal anchorage
1900 PLN
from 600 PLN
Removal of sutures/control after surgery at Scandinavian Clinic
in price
Removal of a partially impacted tooth
from 450 PLN
Milk tooth removal
from 150 PLN
Extraction of a permanent tooth
from 200 PLN
Impacted tooth removal
from 450 PLN
Local anesthesia: infiltration / conduction
50 PLN
Eating and drinking for 2 hours after tooth extraction is not allowed. After the procedure we recommend following a semi-liquid diet, e.g. yogurts, dairy products. One should also avoid smoking as well as the consumption of spicy and hot food.
You should brush your teeth, even on the day of the procedure, bypassing only the space after the extracted tooth so as not to disturb the clotting. You should continue doing so until the wound is healed.
In case of children, at the tooth extraction or placing a filling, we use a minimally invasive computer anaesthesia.
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