Prices of treatments: from PLN 20 PLN Time of consultation: approx. 30 min.

Dental prophylaxis is defined as all actions aimed at preventing the development of teeth, periodontium and oral cavity diseases. It includes professional cleaning of teeth from tartar, deposits and plaque and strengthening the resistance of enamel to external factors, by building fluorine compounds into its structure.

Tartar should be removed not only for aesthetic reasons. When accumulated on teeth, it causes inflammations, sensitivity, gum bleeding, as well as uncovering of tooth necks, which may lead to periodontitis and tooth loss.

At Scandinavian Clinic we care for the education of our patients in the scope of prophylaxis and proper oral hygiene. Our doctors and dental hygienists teach the proper care of teeth, and the use of an intraoral camera during a follow-up appointment allows the patient to see the essence of the problem in great detail.

Scope of dental prophylaxis
at Scandinavian Clinic:

• comprehensive treatment – scaling, sandblasting, fluoridation,
• sandblasting of teeth,
• removal of tartar (scaling),
• fluoridation.

Frequency of the procedure:

Scaling, sandblasting and fluoridation are the basic prophylactic measures to prevent caries. These procedures should be performed regularly every 6 months. If you smoke, drink a lot of coffee or tea, take advantage of professional oral hygiene at least once every 3 months.

Stages of treatment:

Scaling – removing tartar caused by the accumulation of food debris, bacteria and calcified plaque from the surface of teeth. The procedure is performed with the use of ultrasonic scalers, and in exceptional situations – manually. The procedure is painless and when professionally performed is completely safe.

Sandblasting – removal of discolorations, plaque deposits and tartar particles (remaining after scaling) from the surface of teeth with the use of pressurized water jet with the addition of processed sand. The particles safely clean and smooth the enamel of teeth. The procedure is completely painless. It can be performed after scaling, but also as a separate procedure. It is recommended to undergo fluoridation of teeth after the cleaning in order to strengthen and protect their enamel.

Fluoridation – covering the enamel with fluoride varnish with special brushes or foam preparation. The varnish left on the teeth gradually releases fluoride ions. The treatment prevents caries and strengthens the enamel, thanks to which the teeth become more resistant to acids and bacteria.

Recommendations after the procedure:

Do not eat or drink for about an hour after comprehensive hygienist procedures with fluoridation. In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended to avoid eating foods which could discolour the cleaned teeth, such as coffee, tea, red wine, carrot juices, beetroots, coca-cola for 24 hours after the procedure. Smoking is not recommended either.

Price list
The price list is supplementary. The final cost of determination is possible from the use during control in treatment, based on the medical interview, clinical picture, radiological diagnosis, application and expectations, financial possibilities as well as lifestyle and use. The price list does not constitute an offer under the law.
Scaling - tartar removal
230 PLN
Tooth sandblasting
230 PLN
Sandblasting + fluoridation
260 PLN
Scaling +fluoridation
260 PLN
Complex procedure (scaling, sandblasting, fluoridation)
360 PLN
Complex procedure (scaling, sandblasting, fluorine varnish)
370 PLN
Complex procedure (kids)
230 PLN
Tartar originates from the accumulation of food debris, bacteria and calcified plaque on the surface of teeth. The problem may be exacerbated by improper oral hygiene, genetic conditions, smoking, drinking large amounts of coffee and tea, defects of occlusion, bad quality dental restorations and improper diet.
Fluoridation of teeth strengthens the enamel and protects teeth from the operation of acids and bacteria. Therefore, there is sense in fluoridation, both in children and adults.
Professionally conducted scaling procedure does not damage the enamel of teeth. After having completed the procedure a short-term sensitivity may occur, which can be alleviated by fluoridation or using pastes and rinses for sensitive teeth.
The hygienist procedure is dedicated to all patients who wish to enjoy healthy and aesthetically looking teeth. The procedure is particularly recommended to those persons who smoke, drink coffee, tea, red wine or their diet contains highly colouring food. It is also advisable to patients with orthodontic braces as well as persons who decide to undergo the teeth whitening procedure.
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